How to make levitation shoes

Turn over the shoes so you are looking at the bottoms. He is a news ninja for Qwiki, bringing the latest news on the interactive platform.

How to Build a Magnetic Levitating Top

Please note that in this position you might need to push the top down slightly while spinning it. Stick the 50-pound lift magnets on the glue piles, one magnet for each glue patch.

how to make levitation shoes

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We make things float ’

Also, put glue near the front bottom of the shoes. When facing the platform, your back should be facing the audience. Instead, slide the top magnet on top of the other one.

how to make levitation shoes

Solder the ends of one wire to the positive charge on the 9 volt battery. Stand in front of a platform or chair. The plastic container is required to protect the magnets from each other. The top is too heavy and magnetic repulsion force is not enough to compensate the gravitation.

Pick up a few supplies at the local hardware store, and in less than an hour you will be floating above the ground.

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The best candidate for adjusting the weight is electric tape. Naj56 3 years ago.

how to make levitation shoes

Several things could happen: This can be done with tape, but sewing the pants leg to the shoe may be less noticeable. Question 3 months ago on Step 4.

Guy Builds Remarkable Device That Enables Levitating Shoes

Use the dowel to turn the small disk magnet into a top. One shoe should be standing on each black mark. Washers and bottle cups will help you to lift the large magnet.

how to make levitation shoes

Take the other wire and solder one of its ends to the negative charge of the battery. Use the wire cutters to create 4 additional wires that are about 3 to 4 inches in length. You can make your own magic at home with custom-built hover shoes. The top of the container plus the sheet should be very close to the position where the large magnet stops repelling the top and starts attracting it.

Land on the platform. In fact back in 1842 British mathematician Samuel Earnshaw proved that it is in fact impossible to suspend a regular magnet in space with the sole help of other regular magnets statically placed around it.