How to dress like a professional housekeeper

how to dress like a professional housekeeper

If you should accidentally break something or otherwise destroy something in someone else's home, make sure you set the item aside and inform the owner. Clean old food out of the fridge, check expiry dates, clean off the shelves with the magic eraser, pull out the drawers and clean the bits out from under them. Start with the counters. Put most of it away in a convenient place until really needed, put the rest back on the shiny counters, and put a nice tablecloth on the table, with maybe even a decorative bowl of fruit or a plant if you have one.

If the items are washable such as glass decorations set aside some time later to wash them and allow them to dry completely before replacing them. Share yours!

how to dress like a professional housekeeper

Though Tanaka really enjoys how cleaning is the sort of physical task that offers you time to be totally unplugged she even calls it "meditative" , it's also a great opportunity to take in some passive entertainment. The result?

How to Ace a Housekeeping Job Interview

This helps you to have uniforms that fit in perfectly with your company's brand while being durable and very comfortable to wear. She grows a substantial portion of her family's food every year.

how to dress like a professional housekeeper

To do this, you can fill it with a solution of bleach and water, let it soak, and then let it run down the drain, which could also help if your drain is less than fragrant. Arrive on time to the interview. She doesn't waste time watching that pot boil. Housekeeping In other languages: Lemon oil is best for wood, glass cleaners, such as Sparkle, for glass.

Research a little about cleaning issues and cleaning supplies.

13 House Cleaner Habits You Should Totally Steal

Using your vacuum to clean your floors is obvious. If there are any stains from food products, use the Magic Erasers to help with this. Give the toaster a shine, and wipe off any bits of food that have adhered to mixers. You should take your cruise money elsewhere, according to this report.