How to cite a treaty turabian citations

how to cite a treaty turabian citations

Supreme Court: Treaty Concerning Pacific Salmon,. If the source has volumes and page numbers, type the volume number followed by the abbreviation for the source. Search this Guide Search. If you're writing a paper using the Bluebook method, include the full citation in footnotes.

Start your reference list entry with the full title of the treaty.

how to cite a treaty turabian citations

For each treaty, a full Bluebook citation is provided. Toggle action bar FAQ Actions. Login to LibApps. Name of government agency. Place a period at the end, inside the closing double quotation marks. The basic information you include in your citation will typically be the same across citation styles.

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Type the title of the treaty in double quotation marks. The facts of publication city published, published, etc.

how to cite a treaty turabian citations

It also includes the standard abbreviations for these sources. Code; this is encouraged, but not necessary.

Government publications: Citing and Referencing

Chicago Bibliography Format: North Atlantic Treaty art. Department of State. Include references only for works that you have actually cited in your paper.