Whos better thanos or apocalypse

Ragnarok," the bar has been set pretty high for what limited screen time he does receive in the film. Ultron, in his most basic form, has a heavily invested stake in his actions as they're deeply personal.

Real talk: So what?

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Not sure why you insist on attempting to separate Thanos from the Infinity Gauntlet. At some point, it was prophesied that Darkseid would eventually fall in battle at the hand of a son. So Layton left the book, and Louise Simonson came on, changing the mysterious puppet-master from a mathcore bird man to the thin-lipped Darwinist we have today.

Thanos is a titan, apocolypse is just a mutant. Unlike his animated counterpart the comic version of Apocalypse wasn't to competent.

Apocalypse, Darkseid, and Thanos: A Guide to Big Blue Superhero Movie Villains

Sorry, just a bit confused. I said I could see Apocalypse loosing to Darkseid's omega effect, which wipes people out of existence.

whos better thanos or apocalypse

Then the High Evolutionary Evolved Galactus beyond needing a body. And that's an opinion many held after Fox managed to mess up, not once, not twice, but three times Doctor Doom on screen.


And Cyclops, I guess, if you want to be a little lax in your definition of Horseman. However, that being said Apocalypse was in a weakened state since he was stationary and could only fire blast at the Inhumans and X-factor. Wynndar Thanos is above Thor, after his first punch ko'd Thing, his second one ko'd Thor...

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Really, he beat the Living Tribunal? Will research it...

whos better thanos or apocalypse

I've seen that the DC's ubers have been mentioned. Years could go by before he does anything, and when he does it may not always work out for him. Lord S Here's what would happen if these two ever met...

Thanos vs Apocalypse

Thanos turned himself into everything, which is simultaneously the most badass thing ever and the biggest pile of hippie bullshit ever put in a comic. Thanos is 1 for a reason Notice Apocalypse did not make the list?

That doesn't mean that he doesn't know how to use spells, as it has been stated that he used mystical techniques alongside technilogical ones to increase his might.

whos better thanos or apocalypse

The level of Ikaris's control of cosmic energy has increased, and he could also increase his strength with his new levels. Like Norman Osborn, he's vindictive. And if you were a 13-year-old reading this as it happened, your mind was blown. Sinister mated these two mutants together because he saw in their genetic makeups that they would produce an immensely powerful child, one he planned to use as a weapon to destroy his old boss and creator, Apocalypse.