Where s my mountain dew remix maker

Social commentator Dr. The line-up features the goat amongst a couple of stereotypical looking Black males.

However, the line-up commercial was removed from the Odd Future YouTube channel.

where s my mountain dew remix maker

Neither Tyler nor representatives from Mountain Dew could be reached for comments at press time. Wayne has yet to apologize or seriously address the Emmett Till situation.

News: Tyler The Creator & Mt. Dew Under Fire For New Commercial

Facebook Twitter. A while back, Lil Wayne caught a lot of scrutiny for his lyrics about a murdered teenager named Emmett Till.

Tyler The Creator has been stirring things up since the day he arrived on the music scene. And this is not Mt.

The goat ultimately ends up attacking a waitress because she ran out of Dew. But apparently people feel that he has gone too far recently.

where s my mountain dew remix maker

Share this: Leave a reply. The waitress who was attacked is White. He was only 14 years old when he passed away on August 28, 1955. I wish Mountain Dew the best of luck in sorting out all of the issues that they are facing. The beverage brand is also taking heat for working with rapper Lil Wayne.

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Certain people feel that these elements make the ad racist, misogynistic, and offensive. Dew should have never partnered with Tyler in the first place due to the nature of his music. The first one features Felicia at a restaurant.

where s my mountain dew remix maker