What does sa va mal means bad

Ca va bien, merci means "It's going well, thank you".

what does sa va mal means bad

Est-ce que vous allez bien? It's helpful to see that other people have the same frustrations with this app!! What gives?

what does sa va mal means bad

In French to English. Hope this helps.

what does sa va mal means bad

Mal is used the same way in Spanish. Lisaskier 25 704.

Understanding the French Expression "Pas Mal"

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what does sa va mal means bad

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What Does Ca Va ,Mal,bien mean in french? ?

Mio382385 14. How are you? This Site Might Help You. Translate from English to French. How are you?

French Translation Ça va mal

Translate from French to English. Hidden category: It is normal to just reply by stating your name, however you may also respond with [[wikt: In context, it means: When I was learning french in elementary school, we learned that "ca va mal" meant I'm sick, or I'm not well, as an answer to the question "Comment ca va?

The answer I was given is "It goes bad", but no English speaker would say that except in jest. What's your name?

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Salut, Michel! Do the terms "lower case" and "upper case" also apply in handwriting? It is a common way of saying "I am unwell" in some regions of the UK.

what does sa va mal means bad

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