What colour shoes go with navy trousers

Tommy Hilfiger Charcoal Suit With Black Shoes A cold-weather classic, this duo has globetrotting spy written all over it, especially if teamed with a black fine-gauge roll neck.

If both browns appear identical, the whole thing will look off.

what colour shoes go with navy trousers

If you are wearing a charcoal, navy, grey, brown or even a red suit — what colour shoes should you wear? But there aren't many of them, and if you're sticking to classic business and business-casual dress, let this chart be your guide. The same goes with jeans.

A Guide To Men's Shoe Colour Combinations

Hugo Boss. After all, not even the finest Savile Row suit can be saved from a seriously misjudged pairing. That said, there are some classic combinations worth having in your repertoire.

what colour shoes go with navy trousers

Men's Style. Still too subtle?

Matching Dress Shoes And Suits | How To Match A Shoe With Any Suit Color

Dark shades of brown, burgundy, oxblood and navy all inject enough colour for a clear point of difference, but pastel shades work just as well, particularly in summer. It's generally better to have the shoe leather darker than the suit helps keep the eye from being drawn downward , but either way can work so long as you have a clear contrast.

what colour shoes go with navy trousers

A handsome twosome whatever the occasion, a navy suit and brown shoes is a classic combination you can rely on now and forever. Formal business situations historically would have called for black shoes to be worn.

Best Shoe Colors to Wear With Navy Blue

Plain black works best, or a deep burgundy for a look that's relaxed but still elegant. So, what's fashion-forward clotheshorse to do? Alternatively, if you want to match a pair of shoes to your suit then this simple guide should help. Now, are these shoe matching rules absolute? Related posts: Brown shoes are exceptionally versatile.

what colour shoes go with navy trousers

A Pop of Pink. Personally, and this is just my opinion, I would avoid wearing smart black shoes with blue or navy jeans. A chameleon though it may be, there is still a clear favourite when it comes to footwear pairings.