Vlc hotkeys when not in focus

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vlc hotkeys when not in focus

In this situation, I need to be able to switch the images of IrfanView without clicking on it and to set it as active. Increase or decrease volume. Jump 10 seconds back or forward. A light blue bar may appear at the bottom right of your desktop showing the change in volume, near the notification area. The button works fine when VLC is in focus, but fails when it is not.


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vlc hotkeys when not in focus

The information is useful for someone setting up VLC media key functionality for the first time but a bit of browsing around suggests that this problem persists for some people even after setting their hot key preferences.

Select the Hotkeys icon in the Simple preferences view.

How to Setup Your Windows Global Hotkeys in 10 Minutes

Image Credit: I've also tried closing other programs that I thought might be blocking the hotkeys: I work with Logitech Gaming devices but not only for gaming and have many profiles for many applications.

Any idea?

vlc hotkeys when not in focus

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vlc hotkeys when not in focus

Cycle between available audio tracks. Put a return keyword at the end of each paragraph to make sure you end the command there.