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What do you think? Last visit was: Hello forum friends, Here's my problem: The resources that I used to find that information are the Thordarson replacement guides covering the first nine Rider volumes, on my site at: The OP was asking about a transformer without the motor winding, and based on the specs of the Stancor replacement the Hammond P-T270 HX should what he wants, albeit a tad pricey.

The other windings on the Stancor are 700 volts center-tapped at 120 ma. The 1948 Stancor catalog shows it containing a motor winding tapped for 18, 24 or 50 v. That's probably true. Post subject: John - The current rating of the HV secondary on that Hammond appears to be higher than you need, but it certainly should meet your needs. It's the amount of power the transformer is designed to transfer to the load. The 350-0-350 voltage might be a bit high. I should say that the original transformer has windings for the 12 volt pushbutton motor.

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May Sat 17, 2014 1: You should try play things of past, looks like they have some that will work. Cook wrote: Run the simulation again and see how the output voltage and ripple compare.

Is the primary voltage 90 VAC? Unfortunately the schematic does not give AC voltages for the HV winding. Books Support This Site: Pricey, but worth it for this radio. Users browsing this forum: Jump to: Photo Gallery:: May Sat 17, 2014 6: Build a schematic in the program that matches the radio, using 270-0-270 for the HV winding.

The Stancor P-6290 is an? May Fri 16, 2014 8: Very unscientific.