Sps 2000 how to inventory

Sam4s SPS-2000 Program Manual

The card must be deleted from the hot list before a successful smart card operation can be carried out. Tender the exact amount or more than the subtotal value Over Tender Not Allowed An attempt to pay the sale with a value greater than the subtotal has been made against a tender key. Print Check Used during any open check or after finalisation to print a detailed bill for check tracking files 1 — 4, The bill can, if required, be programmed to print automatically to the printer defined by this key.

The prices are not fixed however at price levels 1 through to 4. Usage reporting of outers and units sold PLU Stock — Stock control of saleable products Actual Inventory This is the field for entering the current stock holding Receipt This is the field for entering the quantity delivered Transfer In This is the field for entering the quantity of goods transferred in Transfer Out This is the field for entering the quantity of goods transferred out Raw Waste This is the field for entering wastage of items 66.

This also provides a detailed report when used with the PLU report by price level. Change is computed when the amount of the cash tender is greater than the amount of the sale. It is also possible using the timed activation function to automate the report printing. Manager Required This operation requires the key to be turned to the X position. This feature also provides separate billing To allocate items to a seat enter the seat number and press the seat key prior to selling the product or scroll through the items on the display and allocate by pressing the seat key followed by the seat number then the seat key again to accept.

Repeat Use the repeat key to quickly re-order a set of items, for a check-tracking sale.

sps 2000 how to inventory

Can Clock-Out With Open Chks This controls whether an employee can close a session with outstanding balances on a check. Function Key Not Included The function key selected is not allowed within this operation.

sps 2000 how to inventory

To prevent this. NOTE Any report. All check sales made during normal operation. Manager Req. The quantity key will allow two entries before the sale of a product. Validation Required This operation requires the valid function key to be pressed to complete the compulsory settings. No Tracking Data In This Reg An attempt to clear the check tracking sales data has been made from a register which is not set within the service options to store the check tracking data.

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The following section defines which type of peripheral will be attached to the port. Use Special Kp Order Form It is possible to print an additional kitchen order to the receipt printer. Same Check Track Required The register allows the operation of four check tracking files. The Hash PLU can be added to various totalisers.

This is required to be a sequential number starting from 1 the master then in turn for each of the terminals in an inter-register communications system. Valid Use this key to initiate a single line validation a printer with validation capability must be connected Tray Subtl Ticket Issue This key provides excellent flexibility of receipt issuance.

This can be overwritten by manually entering the check Print On Guest Check Automatically The sale details can be printed automatically when stored Disable Opening New Check This forces use of the New Check key for sales to a check that does Not already exist. This option enables a barcode scanner.

sps 2000 how to inventory