John mccain how different news media

Move there. Help us by joining CJR today. Trump, after a fierce backlash, again lowered the White House flag to half-staff yesterday with a statement that "despite our differences on policy and politics, I respect Senator John McCain's service to our country.

Here’s How TV News Is Covering Sen. John McCain’s Memorial Services

McCain insisted it was Brace who prevented him from going crazy. He was also a reliable defender of the news media in the wake of attacks. He defended and fought for those positions until his end, both outside and especially inside of his own political party. He actually liked reporters," Rather said. His six terms in the Senate meant that McCain was a constant presence for the vast majority of national politics reporters.

john mccain how different news media

He understood and actually seemed to appreciate the vital role that journalists play in the political process, and that is something of which this new, reality-television-generation of politicians needs to take note and try to emulate.

CNNMoney Sponsors. For politicians, a simple way to attempt to take a stroll in his shoes is to simply answer questions from the press corps.

As the press came under attack by President Trump, McCain directly challenged the leader of his own party, defending the media in a Washington Post op-ed.

Remembering John McCain and his relationship with the press

Hillary Clinton: The senator was a straight talker, and he understood the value of journalism, Rather said. He had an entire career, an entire life, before Trump took office last year. Indeed, during McCain's unsuccessful presidential campaign he refused to be handled and instead sat in the back of his campaign plane so he could chat with reporters.

john mccain how different news media

His New York Times obit ran to more than 6,000 words. My Belief.

Media Relations Lessons from John McCain

Click here for more information on Howard Kurtz. Trump says 80 percent of the media is fake news and frequently attacks journalists and their outlets, though he does provide more access than is commonly realized because he doesn't hold formal press conferences.

john mccain how different news media

Opinion, Analysis, Essays Sponsored By. I'll leave it to readers and viewers to decide which of these two tough-talking adversaries they prefer. I identified myself as a reporter and asked if he could forgive Vietnam for his incarceration. For McCain, that meant treating journalists as humans.

john mccain how different news media

That was because the American people demanded to know what senators were up to when they were away from home. Matt Laslo.