How to use msw logo screen

Since this is a computer, every color has an internal numeric representation. Finnly erikals Reply 9 years ago on Introduction.

how to use msw logo screen

Variable inputstring contains the copy of the input string. The home command causes the turtle to return to the center of the screen.

How to Program Using MSW Logo

Ever Blooming Mechanical Tulip. In the commander window type: Let us consider the following example in the screenshot. Download and installation help. Click File then Edit Name this new procedure Box. The statement make "s butfirst: Procedures provide a way to encapsulate a collection of commands.

Logo - Quick Guide

It draws a square on the screen. Now click File save and exit now go the commander window and type square again and press enter. It saves our time of typing-in to make a square. We must use the keyword — repeat followed by a number and then a sequence of commands in [square brackets].

how to use msw logo screen

In the commander window type in the box: The above code shows several new features of the syntax of the MSW Logo.

Square Then press enter or OK. Also, we printed these two variables with statements print: When you find a color you like using the sliders, you can ask Logo what it is: Variables are given names which are strings of letters.

The graphics window has a coordinate system. Let's make the procedure again but lets make it shorter to type now type: Once a variable has a name, we can use and manipulate it.

how to use msw logo screen

Square is the display name of the button.