How to seek revenge on a coworker

But what is he or she going to do about it?

how to seek revenge on a coworker

Perfect timing for me, on this one! Someday, someone will bring them to justice.

how to seek revenge on a coworker

Awesome point Colin. You could, if you don't mind them pranking you back or getting into loads of trouble if your victim is especially upset.

how to seek revenge on a coworker

Tc Imes. Yes, definitely start with an elementary English class. Sometimes, sitting back and doing nothing is the best way to get back at a bully or other tormentor who wants to get a rise out of you. If someone bullies you on Facebook, or constantly bombards you with irritating Tweets or Instagram photos, don't let it remain a part of your life.

Revenge in the workplace: Top 10 ways employees get back at each other

Well lets just say he curses the day he met me. You must be careful. I exposed him on everything that he did wrong. Thomas Staab. Great article. Keep them close and build their trust.

This kind of vulnerability does not come easy.

Here are the Top 10 ways people exact revenge on their coworkers

Send a sarcastic note: Looking forward to your book. Please i want you all to listen to my success story.

how to seek revenge on a coworker

The enemy of your enemy can be your friend. Make sure whatever prank or plot you're planning is only irritating at the worst, and never stoop to illegal or potentially physically harmful tactics. The worse my advisor treated me, the more I wanted to get my degree despite him.