How to reflect on the year

Reflect to Connect: A Year-in-Review Practice to Count Your Blessings and Create New Goals

The Purity of Mind, Body, and Intention. Jot down a list of past events and accomplishments, new things you tried, people you met, places you visited, and challenges you faced.

how to reflect on the year

A magic moment could be healing a relationship or forgiving someone from your past. What is an annoying experience you had that is now a great memory? I answer these five questions at the end of every year to quickly reflect and it has made all the difference in starting my year off right. Think about the path you walk or jog by your house.

how to reflect on the year

You can experience them on a warm fall day as you crunch through the fallen leaves. As you look to create new goals for the coming year, reflect on the past year with these three tips in mind. Perhaps you focused on a spiritual practice. Think about what had you feeling fired up.

50 Year-End Reflection Questions to Help You Review 2017

Jump to navigation. Yet, these little things are blessings each day. Remember, there is no right or wrong way to create your new goals. By appreciating the steps along the way, you take pressure off of hitting a big goal and realize that perhaps the joy is in the journey. Sometimes we want everything to happen now and we miss the interesting and at times annoying steps such as making that trip to the home improvement store or going to meetings with recruiters while pursuing a new job or career.

Turn Setbacks into Setups

Every week is made up of little goals. It's fully updated and improved for this 2018, plus there's a 9-page worksheet that you can download at the bottom of this post.

how to reflect on the year

But then try to look deeper. If you had to describe your past year in 3 words, what would it be? Maybe you worked on patience or anger and stress management. The first step is reflecting.

Your Year in Review: 50 Questions to help you reflect, appreciate and get excited for 2018

While reflecting on the past year, avoid judging yourself on merely accomplishing goals or not. Michelle Fondin Vedic Educator. As you go throughout your day, you might notice that you take many things for granted.

how to reflect on the year

What was your smallest ritual that you loved? These few days around New Year's, when everything feels festive and special and you get a break from your usual day-to-day routine, is the perfect time to reflect and look back on everything you have experienced, discovered and achieved during the last 12 months.

However, goal-setting is NOT the first step in creating an amazing year.