How to clean plastic food processor

You should find that your processor is now deodorized. Thanks for letting us know. About This Article. Trying to clean up your diet? Recommended from Chowhound. Give it the sniff test.

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how to clean plastic food processor

If not, repeat. If not, repeat but allow the soaking to occur for 8 to 12 hours, then rinse. The Best Coffee Subscriptions to Try in 2019.

How to clean plastic parts in food processor ?

Any good and tried ideas? Warnings Do not immerse any of the electric parts of either a food processor or blender in water or liquid of any sort. Place the food processor bowl in the sunshine for a day. Cookies make wikiHow better. Remove the piece of charcoal from the food processor bowl. Learn more.

how to clean plastic food processor

Here are 5 steps in the right direction. Pepper genus Piper has a strong flavor which can linger in food appliances, transferring its flavor to other food.

During this time, the vinegar will absorb the pepper odor from the plastic. Give it the sniff test; if it's odorless, you're good to go.

how to clean plastic food processor

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