Best 2 sport athletes everywhere

Novak Djokovic. Mountain Biking 83. Newton is a quarterback in the body of a linebacker, the likes of which pro football hasn't seen before.

Greatest two-sport athletes of all time

Mohamed Salah. Well, he has not stopped what he does best -- scoring goals. There is the sheer brutal dominance with which she has exercised her craft in mixed martial arts, of course. Africa, Netherlands, S.

best 2 sport athletes everywhere

MJ was on top of the basketball world after the 1992-93 NBA season — his Chicago Bulls had just won their third consecutive championship. His style and grace captivate the masses of NBA fans, as evidenced by his jersey sitting atop the league's worldwide sales list for the second year in a row. If that were the case, I would have said so directly to the coach, because I'm a big boy. Some global interest in set places, particularly continental Europe, although with some interest also in South America and Asia.

What did you do when you were 19? Few soccer players love a tattoo quite as much as Marcelo.

30 Greatest Two-Sport Athletes Ever

And he gained additional attention while winning the French Open thanks to his pajama-like plaid shorts that created quite the social-media sensation. Tour De France finale is one of the most watched global events, with interest in the sport focussed on the tours of Italy and France. Close Close. Interest mostly focussed on major championships such as olympics and world championships.

Bob Hayes, football Best sport: They're like, 'Get the picture, get the picture!

best 2 sport athletes everywhere

Primarily a gambling sport, it maintains strong interest in US, UK, Sweden, Japan and Australia, although has more limited appeal elsewhere. Has 4 of top 10 paid sportsmen.

It's time to pay the tab for America's college athletes

Roger Federer. With the UFC records for longest championship reign nearly seven years , longest win streak 16 fights from 2006 to 2013 and most consecutive title defenses 10 as a middleweight , "The Spider" is without question one of the greatest MMA fighters of all time.

best 2 sport athletes everywhere

In December, fans voted Junior as NASCAR's most-popular driver for an incredible 14th straight year even though he was shelved for much of the 2016 season because of concussion symptoms. Chris Weinke, baseball Best sport: I'm already a fan, don't show this again.